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Terrorists could be responsible for Hurricane Isadore

Republican leaders ask Homeland Security Adviser Tom Ridge to investigate.

Washington, D.C. — As tropical storm Isidore rumbles toward the Gulf Coast of the United States, the Office of Homeland Security announced today it will follow-up on several FBI and CIA reports that blame the storm on the work of terrorists.

“We have several leads to check on, but if this deadly storm is indeed the work of terrorists, it will fundamentally change the way we go about fighting the war on terrorism,” said Director Ridge.

“We’re already recruiting meteorologists, and we’re looking into the origination of the name ‘Isadore.’ It sounds Italian to me, and we’re talking to our contacts in Europe about intelligence,” he added.

Director Ridge has advised residents located along the Gulf Coast to take extreme precautions, including finding low-lying area to hide in, standing near large windows to watch for terrorists, and avoiding stockpiling water which may be tainted with toxins.

Despite the strong stand by the Office of Homeland Security, the National Weather Service maintained that the storm is not the work of terrorists, claiming that Isadore was created by natural weather patterns which have been documented for decades.

President Bush said he was disappointed in the National Weather Service, and added that “they don’t care about our national security.”