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Democrat Report from Baghdad: Saddam really knows how to party

White House: McDermott and Bonior have excellent taste in shoes. I’m just saying.

Washington, D.C. — Democrat representatives Jim McDermott And David Bonior reluctantly returned to the United States from Baghdad today after spending a week “partying” with Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and his minions.

“That Saddam really knows how to party,” said McDermott. “It’s, like, a total bummer that we had to come back to this lame-o country.”

McDermott and Bonior, who each permeated the distinct aroma of Iraqi man-whore as they left Regan International Airport, said that the murderous Hussein is misunderstood and that more Americans should abandon their love of God and the United States and simply “party ho” and avoid “getting their hate on” with the dictator.

“That Saddam, whew! I thought I had some wild times during the Clinton Administration, but these Iraqi people totally rage on another level,” said Bonior, while giving a high-five to McDermott. “We gigged around the clubs of Bad-dada all night, and I know Jimmy here was hugging the porcelain goddess at least once.”

“No I wasn’t, you tramp,” responded McDermott. “That was Saddam!”