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Overeager Democrat candidates running ads, debating

Democrat candidates found to be paying to get their message on television, and are even asking questions and giving answers of their own on so-called “debates”

Washington, D.C. — The full scope of how far the Democrats will go to take office in November’s election became clear today, after a sweeping report released by the GOP spelled out the facts.

Among the breathtaking findings:

Marc Racicot, Chairman of the Republican National Committee (RNC), today issued a statement along with the new report.

“All of the unfair and possibly illegal initiatives which Democrat candidates have been in engaged in deserve a serious look by the Justice Department, in our opinion,” said Raciot. “These vile attempts to sway public option will fail.”

Racicot added that one technique used by Democrats, the “promotional car bumper-sticker,” may even pose a hazardous threat, as motorists could lose control of their SUVs when eye-to-eye with a “commie bastard’s propaganda.”