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President’s new healthcare plan merged with Iraqi war plans

Bush outlines new “Operation Sicky Drop,” in which the diseased and dying would be dropped on Iraq

Washington, D.C. — President bush proudly announced a new national healthcare and defense plan today, describing steps that would be taken to combine the nation’s healthcare crisis and our battle against evildoers.

“Rather than force our taxpayers to support a sicky, we’ll drop the poor bastard on Iraq! Ah, one stone… three birds, or, uh, something… Old saying in Texas…”

President Bush said that the effect of bombing Iraq with especially contagious patients would have the added effect of being a low-cost alternative to biological warfare against Hussein’s regime.

“What could be better for a true American patriot who’s been cursed with a disgusting, debilitating sickness than to help win the war on evil and terror as their last Earthly act?” asked the President.