The Ministry of Truth

Pentagon sending thousands of Hussein statues to Iraq for destruction

WASHINGTON — Coalition war-planners have ordered that thousands of Saddam Hussein statues be constructed and dispatched to Iraq for immediate public destruction.

“Make them, ship them to Iraq, then drive a tank over them,” ordered Secretary of Defense Don Rumsfeld. “The war on the battlefield is over, but the war for public opinion is just getting started. The more statues of Saddam that we or our new Iraqi friends can destroy, the better.”

British forces revealed today that they have been producing large murals of Hussein for a similar purpose. “We’ve got hundreds of paintings of Saddam which are being delivered to Iraq right now to be ripped to shreds and pissed on by anyone who wishes, as long as there’s a camera around,” said an officer.

While coalition forces planned no immediate end to the cycle of destruction of statues, murals, and other artistic works, some in Iraq’s capital said that this tactic might be overdone.

“It had occurred to me that we never had this many statues around Baghdad to rip down until today,” said one Iraqi woman. “I think I even saw someone putting a statue back up just to tear it down again. Hooray for freedom!”