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White House finds economist who believes tax cut will improve economy

Washington — President Bush signed the third-largest tax cuts in U.S. history Wednesday, then introduced the only economist in the world who believes that the plan will actually help create jobs and provide growth to the economy.

“He’s not really that much of a talker, but he knows his stuff about the economy. Do you have anything to say about my growth plan, uh, Little Joe?” asked the President.

“Why, sure! This tax cut will be a real boost to our economy,” Little Joe said in a high-pitched voice that seemed to come from President Bush. “I say this will help create jobs and provide needed stimulus, all thanks to me — uh, the President!”

The 10-year, $350 billion package of tax cuts was less than half the amount Bush had originally proposed. The White House hopes the cuts, the third of his presidency, will revive the economy and bolster his own political future.

“Tax cuts are sure great, huh?! Too bad the congress wouldn’t let the President do what he really wanted,” Little Joe said. “I guess they just don’t want to help regular folk who need more money these days.”

Little Joe’s high-profile endorsement of the President’s plan for the economy will be used to counter attacks on the tax cut from Democrats who don’t enjoy having more money.