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President Bush endorses Joe Lieberman

“He’s a good man, and I desperately hope that he can rally the Democrats to bring him the nomination to face me in the general election.”

WASHINGTON — In an unprecedented move, President Bush formally endorsed Democratic presidential candidate Joe Lieberman today. Bush spoke of Lieberman in glowing terms and seemed to challenge liberals to support the 2000 Vice-Presidential candidate.

“Democrats should organize for Joe Lieberman and do anything they can to help him win the nomination against me. He’s a great American, and I really want to see him do well,” the President said.

President Bush also said that the left as a whole should look to Lieberman for the kind of leadership that they desire. “If there’s anyone out there who can inspire disenfranchised liberals to come out and vote against me, it’s Joe Lieberman,” Bush said.

White House officials agreed with the President’s endorsement, but were modest about the success of the President against Joe Lieberman. “I’d really hate to go up against Lieberman in the election,” Political Adviser Karl Rove said. “He could just, uh, really kill us… ha ha ha, I’m sorry, I can’t keep this up,” Rove added as he clutched his stomach, fighting off a cramp from laughing.