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Mark Foley molested by Clinton

Foley’s attorney said Tuesday that his client was molested between the ages 44 and 47 by former President Bill Clinton

Washington — Former Rep. Mark Foley’s attorney, David Roth, said that Mr. Foley has “kept the shame to himself” until now. Foley resigned in disgrace after the disclosure of lurid on line communications with teenage congressional pages.

“This is part of his recovery,” Roth said, declining to cite specifics of any of the encounters Foley had with Clinton.

Amid the growing crisis over the sex messaging scandal, President George Bush said he was “shocked and dismayed” at former President Clinton’s behavior and supports House Speaker Dennis Hastert’s call for a full investigation into Clinton’s contact with Foley as well as any other GOP officials who he may have molested.

The White House also released a statement condemning Clinton for being solely responsible for the complete annihilation of any moral values of the Republican Party.

“Bill Clinton’s predatory behavior not only towards interns such as Monica Lewinsky but also against Republican congressional representatives has set a very nasty tone in American politics,” said White House Press Secretary Tony Snow today. “Bill Clinton’s weakness of the human flesh, and his weakness alone, is to blame for Mark Foley sending a few naughty e-mails.”