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Osama bin Laden personally campaigning for several Republicans

Bin Laden said to be upbeat on campaign trail

With less than three weeks before the November election, the al-Qaida chief is traveling around the country at breakneck speed to help as many Republican candidates as possible.

The public appearances to support the candidates come on the heels of a new ad released by the Republican National Committee which prominently features Bin Laden.

Bin Laden appeared with Sen. Rick Santorum at a “Get Out the Vote” rally today in Philadelphia and with Sen. Lincoln Chafee in Providence, RI yesterday evening.

RNC officials said that it wasn’t an easy decision to ask Bin Laden to hit the campaign trail, but that recent predictions of several key Republican losses forced their hand.

“He’s a really great guy for the world’s most wanted terrorist,” said a White House official. “He was nice enough to appear in our ad, and to go on the road in this crunch-time really shows his dedication to wanting the current US regime to remain in power.”