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Steel beams found at WTC site, quickly rushed away, destroyed

Contractor: “Travesty and embarrassment” that several steel support beams were missed

Freshly recovered building support beams to meet same fate as originals: expedited and secretive removal followed by total annihilation

NEW YORK — Searchers plan to sift through underground areas at the site of the World Trade Center attack to look for any remains of architectural structure, after more forgotten steel beams were found at the site Sunday.

Controlled Demolition Inc., the contractor paid over $7 billion by the US government to quickly dispose of the rubble in the days after the WTC collapse, apologized for their gross negligence.

Spokesman Tom Bannister said that the company took several precautions to ensure that debris including all steel beams from the WTC site were moved away from the scene quickly and sold as scrap metal discretely.

“Our job was to haul away all the WTC remains in a timely manner and to dispose of them,” said Bannister. “It speaks volumes that we were so fast that no official government agency had time to examine any of the debris. However, we acknowledge that we let the American people down by missing several steel support beams during our initial rush.”

“We ask sincerely for your forgiveness,” said Bannister.

Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler said several sites currently being searched for steel remains had not been entered since the attacks. However, some were paved over without being searched for any steel remains.

Last week, Mayor Michael Bloomberg met with city and state agencies at City Hall to discuss the renewed search for structural remains.

“I pledge you, we will find every piece of concrete and metal and dispose of it discretely, just like all the rest,” said Bloomberg.

Recently, human remains were also found at the WTC site.